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Desktop Repair
This is our specialty. We provide you with several ways to make the process of getting your computer or laptop repaired, making it a painless and worry free process.

We charge a flat evaluation fee of $25.00 to diagnose your computer's problem.

The diagnostic fee is applicable to any repair or upgrade we do. This allows us to expedite the repair process and to start work right away. We will not do any other work to your laptop or PC without first giving you an estimate and we receive your approval.

We repair almost every brand of computers & laptops. From name brands - Dell, IBM, E-Machine, Compaq, Gateway etc. to custom built PC's from other vendors. We can replace any part of the computer that is defective easily and quickly

Check our competitors service times and repair prices - then call us!

We are partnered with quality high volume suppliers that provide us with a supply of reasonably priced parts, to help us save you money. Whether you need a fix or an upgrade we are equipped to handle it.

We have qualified people on staff available to answer any questions in plain English that you may have regarding service on your computer.

Call us and find out what real customer service is supposed to feel like. (757) 647-8676.

Our technicians have the experience, knowledge and diagnostic equipment to test, troubleshoot and repair core system components, functions and peripherals on almost every brand of laptops & computer's.

We Install Computer Parts - Memory ( RAM ), Modems, Hard disks, hard drives, CPU, Mother Boards, Sound Cards, PCI & AGP Video Cards, Power Supply, Processors, Network Cards, Wireless Cards, Computer Cases, Floppy Drives, CD-Drive, DVD Drives & Burners, Gaming Hardware, Etc.

PC Repair, Laptop Repair, Servers Upgrades, Virus Removal, Spyware Removal, Password, Recovery, Wireless Networks, Wired Networks, Operating Systems, Data Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery & Back Up Solutions.

We repair most every brand of computers & laptops as well as computer related cards, component & hardware. Some of the brand we service are: IBM, HP, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, E-Machines, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Micron, NEC, etc.

Should we inform you of the cost of repair and you elect to not have your PC or laptop repaired or we are unable to repair your computer, you will only be charged the diagnostic fee of $25.00. We will not do anything to your computer or laptop without your prior approval!

While we take every precaution to protect the data on your PC or laptop. You should always BACK-UP your data before dropping your machine off for service - ANYWHERE .

Please let us know if you either cannot backup your data or do not know how to back up your data, and we will assist you. Danthom Technical Solutions will not be held responsible for data loss!


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